Department Head


My colleagues and I in the Department of Economics are pleased to welcome you to the Department of Economics, which is one of the first to be opened in the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences in 1999. The Department of Economics is a major department in the College of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Zarqa University. The importance of the economics department stems from the breadth of economic activity, and its coverage of all aspects of life, whether at the micro or macro level. Economics provides the foundations for thinking and logical and critical analysis to identify the physical problems of life, and economics helps to understand the various variables in the economic environment, the direction and level of their influence, the importance of economic policies of all kinds and their impact on the level of the individual, family, society, enterprise and the economy as a whole. This confirms the importance of specialization and the main role and inspiration in society.

The Department of Economics awards a bachelor's degree in economics through regular study. The department accepts students who have passed the high school exam, bridges and foreigners who have obtained certificates in the Jordanian Ministry of Education. Finally, I urge our students to show noble morals and the behavior of the distinguished university student.