Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Sections' Vision

We are a leading department seeks to level of sophistication and highness for section members to raise their efficiency by using all available resources we have in a moral and creative environment.

Section's Message:

Department of Economics is one of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Zarka University. The section works to contribute to prepare a graduate with the skills and experiences that qualify him to compete in the labor market.

Section’s Objectives:

  • Developing and advancing of economic curricula.
  • Using of modern methods of teaching that go beyond traditional methods to the maximum extent possible.
  • Making every possible effort to raise the level of educational attainment and skills acquired for students through the course.
  • Working to attract outstanding teaching staffers.
  • Conducting outstanding researches excellence in particular the ones that serve the fast-changing economic needs in the region, at various levels and all sectors. Also expanding the scientific achievements of faculty members and raising the scientific reputation of the department to the local and global levels.
  • Active Engaging to provide possible services to the community and identifying some of the economic principles and knowledge in order to enable him to identify the afflicting economic problems and how to address them.