Living in Jordan

Arriving in Jordan:

All international air-flight arrive at Queen Alia International Airport (Q.A.I.A) which is (35) KM away from Amman and (60)KM from Zarqa Private University. You can reach the University by either taxi or bus. But the bus leaves (Q.A.I.A) every 30 minutes (from 6:00 am to  8:00 pm). The last stop of the bus is Abdali, which is the central bus service station where you can use either a bus or car working on Amman-Zarqa highway.

Timing in Jordan:

The winter timing in Jordan is tow hours ahead Greenwich meantime, while, the summer timing is three hours ahead of Greenwich meantime. The summer timing begins in mid- April and ends at the end of September.


The Weather

Summer in Jordan is dry and hot, the temperature ranges between 30ْ -36 ْ . however, winter is warm in Aqaba and in the Jordan valley, but it is cold in the hilly areas such as Amman where the temperature ranges between 0 ْ- 18 ْ c.

Since its first year (95/96) the center has received students from south Africa, Zimbabwe, Islamic Republics in, previously, soviet Union, Thailand, Bosania, Albania, America, Cosova and Macedonia in different levels. Many of them have been enabled to continue their studying in Shari'a  (Islamic Studies)at other University.


The university provides buss services to all student coming from different major cities from 7 AM – 5 PM