Our goals

· To enable students to master the Arabic language and eventually communicate seamlessly with native speakers.

· To train proficient users of Arabic, armed with strong writing, reading and speaking skills, and capable of applying them in a wide range of contexts.

· To enable students to enroll in universities and programs in which the Arabic language is routinely employed.

· To adequately prepare students to compete in the many job markets in which proficient speakers of Arabic are viewed as valuable assets, such as translation, tourism, trading, media, advertisement, international relations, and various social sciences.

· To constantly improve both our curriculum and support materials, adapting them so as to keep pace with the newest and most efficient teaching methods and technologies.

· To ceaselessly work on the strengths and capabilities of our instructors and develop them to their highest potential.

· To build and strengthen ties with similar institutes, schools, and universities, and to establish mutually beneficial relationships with those who share our passion and goals.