A lecture entitled "Thinking About what?" / the preacher Suleiman Al-Jubailan (19/11/2015)

Preacher Suleiman Al-Jubailan gave a lecture at Zarqa University entitled "Thinking about what", which was organized by the faculty of Sharia and the Islamic Cultural Center in cooperation with the Deanship of Student Affairs. Al-Jubailan talked about intellectual security and the Muslim's duty towards his homeland and his nation and the necessity of intellectual awareness among university students in confronting the fanatical currents that tore the nation apart and moved away from the sources of this pure religion represented by the morals and the biography of the Prophet, PBUH, Al-Jubailan indicated that security and safety are the vessel of faith that preserves the nation, its purposes and sanctities, based on the Almighty's saying, "We have not sent you but His mercy to the worlds,". Al-Jubailan also pointed out that intellectual security is the most important type of security that nations need. He added that the blessing of security must be preserved, and that the origin of the religion is the knowledge of God, and that if the Muslim knows God and then knows his command, he is devoted to his obedience.
to enhance interactive consciousness and communication with groups of youth.The Al-Jubailan presented a number of encouraging prizes by asking some Islamic and cultural questions. At the end of the lecture, which was attended by the President of the University, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud Al-Wadi, the deans of the faculties and a large number of students, Dr. Al-Wadi presented a shield of appreciation to the preacher Suleiman Al-Jubailan. The preacher Al-Jubailan is a Saudi cleric who is interested in preaching and guidance.

Lecture Enjoy your time / Dr. Muhammad Al-Arifi (10/04/2008)

The Faculty of Sharia at Zarqa University organized a lecture entitled "Your Hayatak" for the preacher Dr. Muhammad Al-Arifi. He talked about the blessings of God Almighty on the human being. That God distinguished man.
He speaks of the blessing and strength of Islam in life, urging them not to submit, and urging them not to submit and the obstacles they face. Al-Arifi emphasized in his lecture, which was attended by more than a thousand male and female students, the necessity of preserving the five daily prayers, even if the young man was a sinner. Character, and how they overcome difficulties. This lecture was attended by a number of faculty and administrative staff.