Dean's Word


Praise be to Allah, Lord of the worlds, and may Allah bless our master Muhammad and all his family and companions.It is a matter of pride for Zarqa University to include among its faculties the Faculty of Sharia, which is concerned with teaching the sciences of the Holy Quran, the Sunnah, jurisprudence and its Foundation, preaching, guidance, rhetoric and teaching that no Muslim can do without, as well as a student specialized in Sharia sciences.The importance of the Faculty of Sharia is evident at the level of the whole society in supporting Sharia scientific institutions, judicial departments, Sharia courts, banks and Islamic banks, the pulpits and mihrabs of mosques with specialists and qualified imams, preachers and competent teachers who are indispensable in their respective positions and places. The importance of the faculty in meeting the academic needs of the university is also evident in its various faculties in all its specializations, with legal courses that meet the knowledge expansion required for students of other faculties and majors in various Sharia sciences.
The need for moderation, centrism and equilibrium in contemporary Islamic discourse and controlling fatwas with the glorious Sharia that is far from extremism and exaggeration necessitates attention to the role of Islamic thought and legal science represented by the faculties of Sharia and their scientific departments.
In response to these urgent needs and in response to the calls of local community institutions, ministries of endowments, education, fatwa departments, Sharia judiciary, media institutions, Islamic banking and others, the mission of the Faculty of Sharia came to fill the shortage of specialists who hold Sharia certificates in all these bodies and institutions and to aid the local market through the departments of the Foundations of Religion, Jurisprudence and its Foundation.It continues to hold - and in cooperation with other faculties- specialized scientific activities and activities in everything that matters to the legal, national, regional and international arena through international conferences and seminars specialized in various levels and fields. The faculty also cooperates with various representatives of the local community, especially the Zarqa Endowments Directorate and Sharia courts, to train and qualify students, and meet the needs of these institutions of qualified specialists.
The faculty is also interested in extending bridges of scientific and academic communication with the faculties of Sharia at the level of the universities of the Islamic world, the most prominent of which is the cooperation with the Sharia faculties in Turkish universities by teaching students of these faculties various courses within the Turkish academic cultural exchange project (Mawlana).
The faculty is still looking forward to further expansion and development in majors and fields through developing study plans, creating new departments and developing areas of purposeful specialized scientific research.

Thank be to Allah that His grace is righteous.