About the Department


Electrical engineering is concerned with studying, designing and analyzing applications of electrical, electronics and communications sciences, and it is a feature of progress and urbanization in various areas of life, and is developing amazingly as it entered every home and every public and private facility and everyone seeks to introduce electricity, automation and electronics in all fields, which facilitates life and labor increases production.
The study of electrical engineering includes the following:

Electrical Power Systems Engineering:
It includes engineering of electrical machines, electrical stations, transmission and distribution lines.

Communications engineering:
It includes wired and wireless equipment and includes fixed and mobile (cellular) communication systems, communication systems with satellites, optical fibers, and others.

Electronic engineering:
It includes studying and designing components of electronic devices that are used to study the behavior and influence of electrons, design electrical circuits, devices, equipment and electronic systems.

It includes workshops and computer laboratories, in addition to laboratories specializing in electrical circuits, digital logic, processors, assembly language, electrical and control machines, communications, measuring devices and power systems.