About the Department


The department of architecture engineering was established at the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 2008/2009, this major is one of the important majors in the public and private universities, and one of the majors that Jordan and the neighboring Arab countries need.

The architecture engineering major prepared for those interested in engineering side of building design, since thearchitect must be fully aware ofscientific, functional, and aesthetic aspects for modern building materials, also he must be aware of mechanical, electrical and structural aspects.

As architects are important members of the integrated design team, so they must have the ability to create designs that meet the economy, safety, durability, and aesthetic requirements of an architectural project, as well as the awareness with the integrated design elements. This is what Zarqa University aims to achieve in the department of architecture engineering, as the university`s architecture engineering department works to prepare students for the future career as consultant engineers, project managers, experts, and specialists in fields related to building design and analysis.