About the Department


Mechanical engineering is one of the oldest branches of engineering, as it is concerned with the study, analysis and design of mechanical systems in industrial institutions as well as mechanical systems used in buildings.

Areas of specialization:
The Mechanical Engineering major includes the following areas of knowledge
  1. Heating, air conditioning and refrigeration systems.
  2. Building Mechanical Services Systems.
  3. Health systems and fire extinguishing systems.
  4. Design and production of mechanical parts and machinery
  5. Design and manage production lines in factories
  6. Maintenance of vehicles and hydraulic machines
  7. New and renewable energy plants

The Department of Mechanical Engineering was established at the beginning of the second semester of the academic year 2012/2013 to meet the needs of the Jordanian and Arab market for specialized cadres in the various fields of mechanical engineering from both theoretical and practical perspectives. To achieve this purpose, the study plan was developed to include the following:

• Materials that develop the student's personality and abilities to be able to deal with the challenges of reality and be an effective element in building society.
• Compulsory specialization subjects that enrich the student's knowledge and develop his abilities in understanding the knowledge areas of the mechanical engineering specialization.
Field engineering training to link the student's theoretical knowledge in mechanical engineering with the applied field aspects that qualify him upon graduation to be excellently involved in his field of specialization

Work fields:

When the student is awarded a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering, he will be able to:

  1. Work in engineering offices in the field of design and supervision of mechanical services for buildings, including heating, air conditioning, cooling and sanitation systems, alarm and firefighting systems.
  2. Work in engineering trade companies that import and sell materials and equipment needed for industrial projects and facilities.
  3. Work in power plants
  4. Work in factories to maintain and operate machinery.
  5. Work in all fields of renewable energy and methods of its exploitation in various fields of practical life.
  6. Work in design and industrial engineering supervision companies specialized in designing machines and production lines and supervising their construction and operation.