Vision, Mission, and Objectives


The Department's vision

to knowing the future indicators of the development of financial and banking knowledge necessary to accommodate this and keep up with the science that is characterized by the rapid development of the concept of activities and how to be able to respond to technological development and social quotient in society.

The department's message

Enhance the quality of graduates' specialization to suit the requirements of the market.

The department's goals
  1. Provide students with financial knowledge so that it is able to deal with the financial and banking contemporary problems.
  2. Provide students with the knowledge and awareness needed to accommodate the financial and banking knowledge and keep pace with its development at the present time to produce a dedicated staff and aware of the financial and banking assets of modern science.
  3. Give the necessary knowledge to highlight the role of science Finance and Banking in contemporary societies and on economic, social, cultural and technological all levels.
  4. Serving the local community through the creation of specialized cadres.