Academics Nursing Vision, Mission & Objectives
Vision, Mission & Objectives



Faculty of Nursing at Zarqa University is keen to be a distinguished academic institution in graduating competent nurses meeting the national and international nursing standards.


The Faculty is committed to graduate highly qualified nursing personnel who are able to provide comprehensive and holistic nursing care for individuals, families, and communities, as well as facing challenges in a rapid changing environment. Because high quality of education depends on technological advancement and scientific discovery; the faculty encourages conduction of research that based on community's needs as a way to serve the community.


The philosophy of the College of Nursing stems from the college’s mission that is consistent with the health, economic and social priorities in Jordan and with the essence of the nursing profession, as it believes that:

  1. The human being: is the interaction of unique and complex traits, values, and behaviors, and is influenced by many factors such as social norms, cultural values, physical characteristics, experiences, religious beliefs and practices, and moral and ethical structures.
  2. Health: It is a state of physiological, psychological, social and spiritual well-being and not merely the absence of disease.
  3. The profession of nursing: It is a dynamic profession that focuses on protecting, promoting and improving health and capabilities, preventing disease and injury, relieving suffering, caring for community members and promoting human prosperity through the continuous development of nursing, challenging traditional practices and searching for innovative approaches to solving problems.

Core Values:

Academic excellence, fairness and transparency, creativity, professionalism, teamwork, optimal use of resources.

5 - Strategic Goals :

  1. Preparing qualified nursing cadres and trained to use the latest technological technologies.
  2. Promote students' personal development by encouraging lifelong learning and self-development activities.
  3. Conducting the necessary scientific research to develop nursing and health care.
  4. Providing an academic and administrative environment conducive to education, production and creative thinking.
  5. Development of administrative and teaching cadres to raise the level of performance.
  6. Promote community participation and spread health awareness.
  7. Promote and open participatory channels with universities and educational and research centers internally and externally.