The College of Nursing holds many curricular and extracurricular activities annually, in order to develop the nursing profession and refine the personalities, experiences and skills of students and serve the community. An example of these activities is the College of Nursing holding a free medical day annually in different regions in Jordan in cooperation with the a group of Doctors working in the public and private medical sectors. It is held in areas that need health care, in order to provide health care to them and provide health services and psychological counseling. The college also conducts many health and psychological awareness campaigns that aim to maintain health and prevent diseases. These campaigns are held through the offered courses and through community service committees and other voluntary activities by faculty members and students
Many courses are held inside and outside the college for the nursing staff in order to advance the profession and improve academic performance. The college holds international and local conferences annually. There is also an active participation by the nursing staff in the work and publication of research locally and internationally. The College of Nursing also concludes agreements Cultural and academic exchange with many foreign universities such as the Karelia University of Applied Sciences in Finland and the University of Ross in Bulgaria, where the student studies a full semester in the host country, which enriches the student's experiences by introducing them to different cultures and developed health care systems