Academics Nursing Deans speech
Deans speech


On behalf of the staff and students of the Faculty of Nursing, I would like to thank you for your interest in the Nursing program. The Faculty of Nursing was established in 2006, and it awards a bachelor's degree in nursing. The College of Nursing is committed to excellence in nursing education, nursing research, and nursing practice in line with the university's mission, vision, and values.

The Nursing specialization program at the university is designed to serve the local, regional, and international community through the graduation of registered nurses with high scientific and practical competence. Our college is committed to graduate nursing leaders who are committed to providing the best nursing care and contributing to a better future for the nursing profession as a whole. As dean of this college, I am committed to providing everything I can to ensure that there is a suitable environment for the educational process that helps students reach the highest levels of performance.

Our students will enjoy the benefits of joining our distinguished academic institution, which will help them to become distinguished nurses in their future careers. College students will acquire the necessary information and skills through interactive education in highly equipped classrooms and in sophisticated simulation laboratories. In addition to this, students will undertake training in hospitals and other practical training places.

In the year 2017/2018, a master's program in "Nursing Administration" was launched, which is considered one of the leading programs in the Kingdom, to provide the health sector with graduates who are able to lead the team efficiently and efficiently according to the scientific foundations in the field of nursing management.

Our faculty includes a group of leaders in the field of nursing who are constantly reviewing and amending the study plan so that it contains the latest global nursing education strategies. Students who decide to join the field of Nursing will find it a wonderful field that they would enjoy studying. Finally, I would like to invite you to join us and learn about the science and art of nursing in our college.