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The Faculty of Media was established at Zarqa University in the first semester 2010-2011 and began receiving new students in the second semester. Since then, laboratories of Radio and television studios, laboratories of journalism and media and public relations offices were prepared. The faculty has hired a group of distinguished media professors with professional and scientific experience who are able to keep pace with the technical progress in all fields. The establishment of the faculty came in line with the need and requirements of the local and Arab market for trained media competencies and keeping up with technical, and scientific developments in the field of communication.

No one can deny the importance of the media our lives and in this globe, according to McLuhan, Communication scientist, media has become the backbone of life, because of both its importance and danger to society. With the increase in the pace of the popular and youth movement for change, democracy, freedom and liberation from the of authoritarianism, it has become necessary to shed light on the important role played by the various media, visual, read and audio, in shaping awareness and creating ideas and stereotypes of peoples and public opinion towards the thorny and complex issues of society.

Hence the urgent need to teach students various media arts to provide the Jordanian society and media institutions with qualified journalists and professionals trained in the latest communication techniques with the target audience. The goal of the faculty of Media is to graduate qualified media professionals to carry out various forms of media scientific research to serve community and development issues in their various forms. The profession of journalistic work requires not only mastering the profession, but also arming with journalistic codes of honor, professional ethics, objectivity, impartiality, and staying away from sensational journalism and exaggerating absurdities for the purposes of achieving cheap profit or scoop. The faculty currently includes 200 students, in addition to several other students who take media courses to satisfy their intellectuality.

There are 6 faculty with different academic ranks and of good academic reputation. The university has recently contracted with four other professors from various media and electronic disciplines to support the faculty’s progress. A new department has been created in the field of radio and television, and students will be enrolled at the beginning of the 2014/2015 academic year.

The study plans of the Programs were prepared with the help of the plans of ancient Western and Arab universities and focus on courses of a practical nature that qualify the graduates to work in media institutions. The faculty maintains close relations with official and private media institutions with the aim of training students and serving the local community. The faculty is now in the process of conducting cultural and academic agreements with Arab and American universities and international organizations. The faculty celebrates International Women's Day and International Press Day every year. Cooperation agreements were signed with the Jordan News Agency, the Center for the Protection and Freedom of Journalists, some local newspapers and private radio stations, with the aim of training students. The faculty will soon publish an official website and a weekly electronic newspaper which will serve as a training laboratory in which students practice the various arts of journalism. The faculty includes two laboratories that contain modern computers equipped with the latest software for journalistic writing in all its forms

Also, the faculty is in the process of operating radio and television studios, where students operate them as announcers, presenters and producers, and work is underway to establish a satellite station for the faculty. The faculty is aiming to graduate students who are able to follow the methods that fit with the media that they will use in their work, who are also able to use modern software specialized in radio, television, print and electronic press systems

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