Course No. Course Name Hours Prerequisite
University Obligatory Requirments
0200104National Education3 
0200105Communication Skills( Arabic1)30200150,0201001
0200106Communication Skills (English 1)30200151,0202001
0200110Military Science3 
0200111Islamic Culture and Contemporary Issues3 
0200115Society development and volunteer work0 
0200153Life Skills1 
0200154Leadership and Social Responsibility1 
0400202Pioneering and Innovation1 
University Elective Requirments
0200114Jerusalem History and Civilization3 
0200122Principles of Education3 
0200125Principles of Law3 
0200127University Code of Conduct3 
0200130Crimes of Terrorism3 
0200156Development and Environment3 
0300123Principles of Astronomy3 
0300124Scientific Culture3 
0300152Computer Skills30300151
0300157Digital Education3 
0300161First Aid3 
Faculties OBLIGATORY Requirments
0200113History of Jordan and Palestine3 
0200116Communication Skills (Arabic 2)30200105
0200143The Art of Writing and Expression3 
0200144Literary Appreciation3 
0200146Study skills3 
0200147Islamic World Current Status & the Palestinian Issue3 
0200148Communication Skills (English 2)30200106
0209999 0 
Department Obligatory Requirments
0201103Arabic Library3 
0201110Morphology Arabic (1)3 
0201112Arabic Grammar 13 
0201212Arabic Grammar 230201112
0201213Methods of Research in Language & Literature3 
0201221Pre-Islamic Literature3 
0201231Literature in the Islamic Era30201221
0201241Abbasid Literature-Prose30201231
0201265Arabic Rhetoric3 
0201275Morphology Arabic (2)30201110
0201312Arabic Grammar 330201212
0201341Abbasid Literature-Poetry30201231
0201342Andalusian and Magharibi Literature30201341
0201350Successive Age Literature30201342
0201362Arabic Literary Criticism3 
0201366Quranic and Prophetic Rhetoric3 
0201372Arabic Language Phonetics3 
0201381Modern Arabic Literature-Prose30201350
0201412Grammar 430201312
0201416 Linguistics3 
0201462Modern Literary Criticism3 
0201481Modern Arabic Literature - Poetry30201350
0201482Contemporary Literature in Jordan & Palestine30201481
Department Elective Requirments
0201214Rules of Arabic Calligraphy and Punctuation3 
0201349Ancient Literary Texts3 
0201353Lexicology and Semantics3 
0201365Rhetoric and Stylistics30201265
0201413Arabic Philology3 
0201414Grammar Approaches3 
0201417Linguistic and syntatic Applications3 
0201463Crictical Issuse3 
0201484Comparative Literature3 
0201486Modern Literary Texts3 
Ancillary Requirments
0200142History of the Prophet and Rasheideen Era3 
0501401Arabic Language Teaching Methods3 
Faculties Elective Requirments
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