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About the center

Director : Safwan Al-omari

Considering the great national and international changes, language now plays a key part in developing life styles. Which lead the management of Zarqa University’s center of languages to confirm the need to focus on including many language courses, especially English and French, at the center. They also included individual courses and educational packages at low prices In order to increase the students’ academic abilities.

  1. Individual courses:
  2. Six levels of English are taught separately, whereas the students are given the basics of English while focusing on the different skills of language (listening, reading and writing) plus English grammar.
    These courses are offered to students from the university as well as the local community at competitive prices.

    • French language levels:

    Since learning French is quite crucial and especially for those willing to continue their studies abroad, the center’s management provided French courses that are taught through individual levels.

    • Other languages:

    The center also included other European language courses such as Spanish and German in order to enrich the students’ knowledge and to help them engage in different cultures.

  3. English package

This package specifically aims to improve the students’ English starting from the basic stages to the advanced stages of English. The package is given at the course of one year and it includes six condensed English levels plus a free-of-charge ICDL course.