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About the Faculty
It was established in 1994, responding to the policy of the university that is built on Islamic creed and the concepts of faith, knowledge and deed. The faculty of Shari’a houses two departments:

- Department of Foundations of Religion.
- Department of Principles of Jurisprudence.

So far, the faculty involves 12 academic staff members. Within the past several years, the faculty has held 7 conferences:
1- A conference titled The Latest Jurisprudential Issues.
2- A conference titled Teaching Jurisprudence in Universities.
3- A conference titled Reality and Ambition.
4- A conference titled Teaching Islamic Education and Current Issues in Universities.
5- A conference titled Teaching Sunnah in Universities.
6- A conference titled Divine norms in Quraan and Sunnah.
7- A conference titled Contemporary Issues from an Islamic Perspective.

And is willing to hold one titled Contemporary Issues in Islamic political jurisprudence soon.

The Objective of the Faculty:
The faculty aims at ppreparing students competent in Shari’a sciences, provided with lawful qualifications in order to supply official institutions and local community with appropriate competences:
- Providing the ministry of Endowments and Islamic affairs with Imams, male and female preachers in all mosques of the kingdom.
- Supplying the ministry of education and private schools with Islamic education teachers.
- Providing Chief Justice Department with public notaries to qualify them to lawful judiciary.
- Providing General Iftaa’ Department with researchers in order to be Muftis (expounders) in all parts of the kingdom.