News The Faculty of Pharmacy at Zarqa University Obtains Malaysian Accreditation
The Faculty of Pharmacy at Zarqa University Obtains Malaysian Accreditation
Date 19-05-2024

 جامعة الزرقاء - كلية الصيدلة بجامعة الزرقاء تحصل على الاعتماد الماليزي

The Faculty of Pharmacy at Zarqa University obtained Malaysian accreditation for the Bachelor of Pharmacy major, as the first Faculty at the level of public and private Jordanian universities to obtain this accreditation.

The Malaysian Pharmacy Council decided to include the Bachelor of Pharmacy program in the list of recognized programs in Malaysia in accordance with the Pharmacists Registration Act of 1951, and to fully recognize the program and the practice of graduates of this program in the pharmacy profession in Malaysia.

Prof. Dr. Nidal Al Ramahi, The University President, congratulated the efforts of the staff at the Faculty of Pharmacy for this achievement, stressing that the university and its various Faculties are proceeding according to a comprehensive plan for development and modernization and keeping pace with all international standards.

He stressed that this recognition represents praise and confidence from the official authorities in Malaysia for the quality of the bachelor’s program in pharmacy offered by Zarqa University, and will enhance the university’s reputation in the health sector and improve its academic and professional status.

He pointed out that the university and its Faculties obtaining international and local accreditations enhances the university’s academic status and the efficiency of its educational outcomes, extending thanks to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Zarqa Educational and Investment Company, Dr. Mahmoud Abu Shaira, for his constant support to enrich the educational process and enhance its development.

Prof. Dr. Nidal Aisha, the University’s Vice President for Administrative Affairs, who supervises the Malaysian accreditation file, indicated that the university has drawn up a clear plan of action to advance its specializations to global status, and to obtain international accreditations that aim to advance the educational process, stressing that obtaining Malaysian accreditation will enhance the reputation of Zarqa University as a prestigious educational destination for Malaysian students in the field of pharmacy.

He stressed that the university works through specialized committees in the faculties to achieve the conditions for international accreditation, stressing that the university has harnessed its resources to ensure that all its faculties become established institutions. A pioneer in the local, Arab, and international arena.

He pointed out that this recognition represents a valuable opportunity for Jordanian students studying at Zarqa University to achieve professional and academic development and increase the job opportunities available to them in the field of pharmacy, by taking advantage of the opportunities offered by Malaysia as a prestigious educational and professional destination in this field.

Dr. Ahlam Al-Kilani, Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy, said that the Faculty obtained the Malaysian accreditation after undergoing evaluation by specialized committees and field visits by technical committees in the Malaysian accreditation to ensure that the conditions for accreditation were met.

She confirmed that the Faculty, with its academic and administrative staff and students, worked to achieve all requirements and conditions, with direct support from the university administration to this achievement, so that the Faculty of Pharmacy at Zarqa University would be the first faculty in public and private universities in Jordan to obtain Malaysian accreditation.

She added that obtaining the Malaysian accreditation will allow graduates of the Bachelor of Pharmacy program from Zarqa University to have their qualifications and skills acquired in Malaysia recognized, practice the profession legally and work in hospitals, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, and other health institutions, in addition to obtaining new job opportunities within an advanced and sophisticated pharmaceutical environment in Malaysia.

Al-Kilani thanked the Faculty of Pharmacy, including academics, administrators, and students, for the efforts they made in preparing the accreditation file and visiting the specialized committees, and expressed her thanks to the accredited training bodies, such as the hospitals of the Ministry of Health, pharmaceutical institutions, and pharmaceutical factories, for their efforts in facilitating students’ training procedures and their permanent cooperation with Zarqa University.