News A Delegation from Zarqa University Visits the Polish University
A Delegation from Zarqa University Visits the Polish University
Date 20-06-2022

 جامعة الزرقاء - وفد من جامعة الزرقاء يزور الجامعة البولندية

A delegation from Zarqa University, during the period 9-16/6/2022, visited Pedagogical University of Krakow to discuss academic cooperation.

Dr. Ashraf Shaqdan, the Director of the International Cooperation Unit, Dr. Omar Makhzoumi, the Legal Adviser, and Dr. Amer Abu Salem the Director of the Computer Center participated in the visit.

The delegation met with officials of the International Cooperation Office of Erasmus during a visit to the Polish University with the aim of discussing opportunities to expand areas of cooperation and preparing for applying for a new project next year and the introduction of new faculties.

The delegation met with the Deanship of the Faculty of Engineering to discuss opportunities to introduce training for students in the research laboratories of the two universities, and the Deanship of the Faculty of Media with the aim of discussing cooperation activities to exchange faculty members and students and train them in the fields of press and media work, and to start preparing a comprehensive cooperation agreement between the two universities. The delegation also visited the Computer services available to students, such as e-learning platforms and tools.

The participants in the academic exchange valued the efforts of Zarqa University to contribute to supporting the academic career of the university's faculty members through scientific visits, academic exchange, and the development of the academic process.