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The Faculty of Media at Zarqa University Wins The Community Peace Awards.
Date 27-10-2021

 جامعة الزرقاء - كلية الإعلام بجامعة الزرقاء تفوز بجوائز السلم المجتمعي

The Faculty of Media at Zarqa University won 5 awards held by the Community Peace Center of the Public Security Directorate in Amman and Zarqa regions.

Anas Abu Sneineh’s won the Best Film award,  for his film (The Terror Company), Ammar Al-Omari won the Best Screenwriter award, Muhammad Abu Want won the Best Production and Directing award, Muhannad Sobh won the Best Actor, and Doaa Al-Najjar won the Best Infographic and Expressive Image.

Students from various universities joined a training program implemented by experts and specialists in the field of community peace for a period of six months, with the aim of training them on how to employ media and theater in combating extremism and negative phenomena within society.

Students of the Faculty of Media at Zarqa University competed with a group of university students to produce awareness-raising work on issues of combating terrorism and extremism.

The Dean of the faculty of Media , Dr. Amjad Safori, expressed his pride in the students' achievements and their winning of the Community Peace Center awards, The faculty of Media has also prides itself with such  achievements at the local and regional levels.

Dr. Amjad Safori also stressed the depth of the relationship between the faculty and various community institutions where students get involved in various competitions and events which qualify them towards producing distinguished press and media works.
It is noteworthy that the film The Terror Company, which won as the best film, revolves around people who represent the motives and desires that push people to extremism and to join terrorist organizations within a comic framework, embodying terrorism as a company controlled by one person who wants to employ several characters with the exception of one person who embodies the role of the justice