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Zarqa University academics on "The Royal Sitting"
Date 09-06-2021

 جامعة الزرقاء - اكاديميو جامعة الزرقاء: "الجلوس الملكي" محطة مشرقة في تاريخ الاردن

The academics of Zarqa University considered that the anniversary of His Majesty King Abdullah II’s ascension to the throne of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan on the ninth of June 1999 constitutes a bright historical station in the history of Jordan, where during his auspicious era the march of state building continued to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development.


On the occasion of the Royal Sitting Day and national occasions such as the anniversary of the Great Arab Revolt and Army Day, they said, "Since His Majesty the King assumed his constitutional responsibilities, His Majesty has been keen to enrich the democratic practice rooted in the Jordanian conscience and to expand the roles of the legislative authority and elevate it as a cornerstone in the democratic building of the Jordanian state. His Majesty, the reins of power, took serious reform steps that affected political, administrative and economic issues."


The university professors valued the royal efforts to reform and develop higher education, stressing that what the universities have achieved is the product of a royal vision that focused on higher education institutions to make Jordan a leading educational center at the level of the Arab world.


They added that these national occasions coincide with tireless royal efforts to confront the danger of the Corona virus and limit its effects, as His Majesty leads the management of this crisis in all its details since its inception and continuously follows the work of all institutions and relevant authorities, familiar with the latest developments and aware of the needs of various sectors.


They praised His Majesty's wisdom, the achievements made by Jordan during his auspicious reign, and his role in deepening ties of cooperation and friendship with various countries of the world, praising the sincere and tireless efforts of His Majesty to achieve peace, security and stability in the Middle East.

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