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The Faculty of Arts at Zarqa University Obtains the Certificate of Quality Assurance
Date 27-09-2020

 جامعة الزرقاء - كلية الآداب في جامعة الزرقاء تحصل على شهادة ضمان الجودة

The Faculty of Arts at Zarqa University obtained the Quality Assurance Certificate on Wednesday 23/9/2020 granted by the Commission for Accreditation of Higher Education Institutions and Quality Assurance, after fulfilling the requirements for quality assurance at the college level.

University President Prof. Dr. Jihad Hamdan said that obtaining the Quality Assurance Certificate is a new achievement that is added to the series of achievements made by the university and is a culmination of the efforts made by the university represented by its academic and administrative staff to consolidate the concept of quality in all administrative and academic fields.

He pointed out that the achievements made at the university and Faculties level completely mimic the path that the university pursues in order to achieve quality and improve educational outcomes, within a clear approach to reach local, regional and international excellence, praising the efforts made by members of the faculty and administrative staff in the faculty.

For his part, Vice President of Zarqa University for Academic Affairs and Quality, Prof. Dr. Nidal Al-Ramahi, said that the Faculty of Arts obtaining a quality assurance certificate is an embodiment of the university’s vision and mission to move forward towards consolidating the concept of quality in academic work, indicating that the university is working according to the quality systems and standards set by the accreditation body in response to raising the level of quality of performance and academic and administrative achievement.

The Dean of the College of Arts, Prof. Dr. Alaeddin Sadiq, indicated that obtaining a quality assurance certificate confirms that the college continues to present its mission with efficiency and competence, with special importance for the development of the educational and learning process, which will be reflected in raising the level of students ’performance, leading to their distinction in various fields of knowledge. It is noteworthy that Zarqa University obtained a quality assurance certificate at the level of the Faculties of "Pharmacy, Nursing, Sharia and Educational Sciences", in addition to the ISO certificate (9001: 2015) at the university level after it fulfilled the conditions and requirements of a comprehensive quality management system.