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Sport Activities Section


To become real partners with ZU’s vision in order to win the confidence of those looking for distinction and support them


Offering the best sport, training and consultative services in a scientific way and assisting in qualifying the students, by means of keeping up with the latest sport events


In the SAC, we aim to achieve the following:

1. Promoting sport activities to cover as many students as possible.
2. Meeting the students’ desires of practicing sport and scouting activities.
3. Building a sport generation which enjoys good manners.
4. Building bridges of good relations with the local community.
5. Enhancing relations with Jordanian universities and other educational, sport and social institutions.
6. Organizing national sport championships and scouting camps at the level of universities and others.
7. Advancing the technical and skill levels of ZU’s teams in various games.
8. Demonstrating ZU’s role in the local community by means of participating in sport and scouting championships and other activities at the university and other levels.
9. Assisting in familiarizing the local community with ZU, by means of organizing sport and scouting events on its squares and playgrounds.
10. Honouring the winners and distinguished students in the different sport activities at the national, Arab and global levels.

Future ambitions:

1. Providing the sport hall with air-conditioning.
2. Insulating the hall and fitting a sound system.
3. Building an Olympic swimming pool.
4. Making a duly suitable football playground.
5. Building a ring for self-defence sports.
6. Making a crane to assist in maintaining the sport hall ceiling and lamps.
7. Fitting a large gate for the ceiled hall, so that any machinery can be easily brought in.
8. Providing the hall with a big data show screen, so that it could be used in training as well as broadcasting global matches of any sport.
9. Establishing a sport club.
10. Signing protocols with Arab and international universities.