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Graduates’ Employment


Graduates’ Employment and Follow-up Unit

The Higher Education Council has made recommendations to achieve the royal vision of education and higher education to meet the requirements of the upcoming stage, in terms of graduates equipped with the necessary skills and capabilities to deal with the different technological advancements as well as reconciling education with the market needs. Therefore, ZU has introduced the GEFU.


Establishing contacts with all the graduates and private and public institutions through the Graduates corner on ZU’s website


Reconciling the university education with the market requirements as well as enhancing the links between ZU, the graduates and the public and private sectors institutions

Objectives: • Assisting the students in obtaining part-time permanent or temporary jobs during their study.
• Building an information system to develop the human resources including the graduates and the market needs.
• Following up with the graduates’ employment status, in terms of the harmony between the nature of professions and university specialties.
• Promoting productive work and discarding the ‘shame’ culture with regard to jobs, by means of part-time jobs during their study.
• Providing the students with the skills necessary for their professions.
• Setting training criteria for employment purposes.
• Offering employment technical guidance .
• Coordinating, integrating and making partnerships with the civil society institutions related to the human resources studies, employing ZU’s graduates and following up with their status in cooperation with the KAFEQ.
• Trying to establish a club for ZU’s graduates.

GEFU looks forward to making continuous contacts with the graduates, in a bid to serve them well, activate the relationship with the market, contribute to reduce the problem of unemployment and reconcile the higher education outputs with the market needs, by means of continuous learning through a qualified staff.