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King Abdullah II Fund


King Abdullah II Fund for Employment Qualification

In response to the directives of his majesty King Abdullah II of establishing offices for employment qualification at Jordanian universities, ZU has introduced in the DSA the King Abdullah II Fund for Employment Qualification.


Creating a new generation, which is leading, promising and able to encounter challenges as well as reaching all the students’ segments in order to build the youth capabilities


Qualification and sustainability by means of offering chances, employing the students’ capabilities and potential in training programs and supporting distinction and creative ideas, in a bid to make Jordan distinguished in all fields


• Providing professional guidance, in a way that reconciles the outputs of the educational system with the inputs of the market.
• Training the students for interviews as well as writing and presenting CV’s.
• Securing the requirements for the students’ transition from the university’s academic environment to the professional life of the market.
• Securing the information related to the market needs in terms of graduates, such as employment data and available job opportunities, in cooperation with the private sector and the civil society institutions.
• Assisting the students in finding training chances which are either permanent after their graduation or temporary during their study.
• Helping the students to find information about pursuing graduate studies.
• Establishing communication channels between the students’ environment, on the one hand, and the private sector and civil society institutions, on the other.
• Setting and developing practical training programmes, in a bid to empower the students to obtain the minimum of experience in their own specialties before graduation .
• Assisting the students and graduates in setting their goals and professional approaches, by means of determining the required individual skills for each profession.
• Building electronic databases as well as listing the graduates’ academic and personal information.
• Employment guidance.