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Information Technology

Due to the great importance of the DSA in terms of the academic and non-curricular aspects, ZU has supported the DSA with the ITS in a bid to design and follow up with the students’ non-curricular technological activities; to become a forum for the technological works from students’ from all specialties; to be a connecting link between the university and local community; and to empower the students to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze and design information systems.

The IT has got a comprehensive computer lab serving the purposes of students’ activities. It also supervises Google’s ambassador and Microsoft’s partner, who represent the link with the two giant companies, in order to organize their activities in service for the local community.


Becoming a pioneering IT model


Serving the students by means of providing the best environment for developing knowledge as well as acquiring research and innovation skills in the field of IT, in a bid to truly contribute to the building of thought based on science and the achievement of the national development targets


• Empowering the students to offer active services in the IT industry in a way that suits the society’s needs through acquainting them with the necessary tools and skills.
• Employing and improving the students’ IT skills.
• Developing the students’ spirit of independence and consolidating the culture of quality and continuous improvement.
• Promoting creative ideas and projects by means of securing a context attractive to non-curricular activities.
• The ability to actively communicate with various beneficiaries.
• The ability to actively work within interdisciplinary teams.