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Educational and Social Advisory

As it cares for the students’ psychological health, the DSA has established the ESAC, aimed at helping the students in making the right decisions about their specialty and the skills necessary for their academic and social success. Therefore, the ESAC provides services not only for the students who have problems, but for all ZU students. The ESAC goals emanate from ZU’s philosophy and targets as well as agree with the course of higher education in Jordan and the students’ growth needs. Such goals can be summarized as follows:

1. Offering the students a general strategy to deal with different hardships and enhancing their abilities to take decisions.
2. Providing educational advisory services, including helping the students to face academic and study issues and improving their study skills.
3. Providing educational and professional guidance, aimed at helping the students to make the right decisions about specialties and job opportunities.
4. Providing psychological, social and family accommodation services, by means of enhancing independent thinking and communications skills .
5. Developing programs and brochures to assist in solving students’ problems.

The following are the principles of the guidance services:

1. Guidance is an educational process based on enhancing the tendencies, habits and skills leading to psychological health and adjustment, which starts by finding out the factors causing and solving accommodation problems.
2. The target of the guidance process is not only to solve the current issue, but also to teach the one requesting help how to solve problems.
3. Guidance is an optional process, which respects the freedom of the one requesting help to take decisions.
4. The guide is committed to explore the problem from all its aspects and then try their best.
5. The guide keeps the secrets of the one requesting help all over the guiding process.