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Foreign Students Care

Upon ZU’s general strategy of giving due attention and care to foreign students, the FSCS has been established, so that ZU continues to be the pioneer in exerting efforts to attract qualified foreign students as well as improve the international relations in the field of education and scientific research. The FSCS was founded on October 24, 2010 and, upon directives of the Dean of Students’ Affairs, it will developed in a way that meets the students’ numbers, needs and suggestions.


Distinction in providing services to foreign students, in a bid to contribute to the internationalization of education and achieve ZU’s quality performance; in other words, to make ZU of the top higher education institutions in such services in terms of quantity and quality


Improving the quality of performance by means of planning and follow-up in order to enhance its ability to fulfill the academic and administrative criteria

FSCS’ tasks:

1. Preparing manual and computerized databases of the foreign students, to facilitate the access to their information in terms of address and academic status.
2. Distributing manuals, especially the Foreign Student Guidebook, to foreign students to acquaint them with the FSCS’ tasks and targets.
3. Following up with the students’ procedures to obtain the duly necessary residence permit .
4. Making contacts with the embassies of countries which have students at ZU.
5. Coordinating meetings between foreign students and the cultural attaches of their countries, if they request it.
6. Coordinating meeting between foreign students and each of ZU’s President and Dean of Students’ Affairs.
7. Holding constant meetings with the Foreign Students’ Club to listen to their suggestions and complaints.
8. Organizing different non-curricular activities, such as cultural and entertainment events.