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Cultural Activity and Students’ Bodies

This is one of the great gates for creativity, distinction, amity, fraternity, benefit and fun. Here, we try to offer what enlightens the mind by ascending to the lofty worlds of students’ culture, art and action. Therefore, the CASBS enjoys the following:


Distinction in the provision of cultural and artistic activities to the students and the society, developing the university student’s personality and raising the level of awareness among the youth.


Caring for the students’ cultural, literary and artistic talents and enhancing their leadership abilities, by means of employing their creativities and consolidating their love of social volunteering

The CASBS leads the following:

Cultural activities:

Do you have a hobby? Do you have a talent? Are you ambitious? Do you find yourself capable of becoming a leader? Welcome to the worlds of culture, journalism, student press, meaningful cultural contests and activities.

Artistic activities:

University studio: Would you like to improve your drawing skills? That is why the studio is there. Just participate in the studio activities, aimed at developing the artistic level of talented students in free drawing and handcraft, in addition to organizing specialized artistic exhibitions and contests. If you have a hobby or talent, you are welcomed to the university studio.

University theatre: Do you have a talent of acting? You are welcomed to the university theatre, which is concerned with developing such students’ artistic talents, presenting fun and meaningful theatrical performances and taking part in drama events in Jordan and abroad.

Music activities: Do you have a talent of singing or playing on any musical instrument? Would you like to demonstrate it with folklore and Dabka? We are interested in showing and developing music, singing and folklore talents. You are welcomed to the music activities, both male and female students.

Students’ bodies: The Students’ Council is there to serve the students, organize their activities and express their concerns. Students’ clubs also welcome you to participate in their various meaningful activities. If you have a leading personality and a number of talents, along with a desire for public action to serve the country, society and university, then you are welcomed to the students’ clubs.