About The Program


Due to the remarkable development that the software engineering specialization has witnessed at the international and local levels and the increasing demand to study this specialization in Jordanian universities in general and in Zarqa University in particular, Zarqa University has established a master's program in software engineering.  This is to provide a higher level of quality and knowledge in software engineering subjects compared to what is offered in other local universities that are content only with teaching the basic topics in software engineering.

The academic knowledge that is covered in the MSc in Software Engineering program is quite diverse, covering different needs required in the job market, and following local and international standards. Also, the skills that the student acquires when studying this program are considered to be more advanced and deeper than the skills that are acquired while studying a bachelor's degree in the same major or in other related disciplines.

To obtain a master's degree in software engineering, the student must successfully complete 33 academic credit hours. The Faculty of Information Technology offers a master's program with two tracks: the comprehensive examination track and the thesis track.

In the comprehensive track, the student studies 24 accredited academic hours as compulsory subjects and 9 accredited academic hours as optional subjects. The student must pass the comprehensive exam after completing all subjects with a GPA of no less than 75%. The comprehensive examination is of a comprehensive and integrative nature, aiming to measure the student's ability to link between the various basic and advanced concepts that he\she acquired during his\her study, and to employ them in solving scientific and applied problems in the field of specialization, according to the approved study plan.

As for the thesis track, the student studies 15 academic hours accredited as compulsory subjects, 9 accredited academic hours as optional subjects, and 9 credit academic hours devoted to preparing and discussing the master's thesis after completing all subjects with a GPA of no less than 75%.