Overview of Master Degree in Business Administration

Regional, Arab and Jordanian leadership in building successful business organizations.

Mission :
To create managers for the management of business organizations in line with the needs of the Jordanian and Arab labor market.

Program Goals:
The Department of Business Administration seeks to:
  1. Provide students with theoretical and procedural knowledge to manage the business to meet the different needs of different types of business organizations in the local and regional environments.
  2. Provide all students in various departments of the Faculty with basic administrative skills to meet the different needs of the labor market.
  3. Provide all students in various departments of the Faculty with basic administrative skills to meet the different needs of the labor market.
  4. Provide the student with the necessary knowledge to enable him to conduct scientific research and complete his higher studies.
  5. The Business Management Program provides students with the necessary skills to integrate into the work teams.
  6. Provide the student with the skills he needs from self-education in order to give him the advantage of knowledge and application in the future in business management.
  7. Stimulate and support scientific research in the various fields of business administration at the level of faculty members and students, and to establish and support participation in scientific, local, Arab and international conferences and seminars and cooperation with business administration departments in other universities in the scientific fields.
  8. Develop the scientific capabilities and capabilities of the department in line with the mission and objectives of the department (in the specialization of business administration) and keeping pace with the scientific developments in the field of specialization.
  9. Build bridges and strengthening the relationship with employers in the Jordanian and Arab labor market to explore their needs and keep pace with change and development in order to respond to those changes and developments in the preparation of graduates.
  10. Contribute to the service of the local community in the available fields, such as contributing to continuing education activities, providing scientific consultations, and solving problems through university and other university projects.

The results of this program are to prepare graduates who are able to:
  1. Reach optimal recruitment of managerial skills according to the requirements and developments of the labor market.
  2. Provide scientific research and critical thinking in various administrative fields.
  3. Make Decision and solve organizational problems.
  4. Analyze administrative cases in a scientific manner.
  5. Acquire Effective recruitment of information and communication technologies in various administrative fields.
  6. Analyze and familiarize contemporary administrative problems.