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Study Plan 9 For Law
Course No. Course Name Hours Prerequisite
University Obligatory Requirments 15 Hour
0200102Arabic Language 130201001
0200103English Language 130202001
0200104National Education3 
0200110Military Science3 
0200111Islamic Culture and Contemporary Issues3 
0200115Society development and volunteer work0 
University Elective Requirments 12 Hour
0200112Arabic Language 230200102
0200113History of Jordan and Palestine3 
0200114Jerusalem History and Civilization3 
0200122Principles of Education3 
0200126Principles of Communication Science3 
0200127University Code of Conduct3 
0200130Crimes of Terrorism3 
0300123Principles of Astronomy3 
0300124Scientific Culture3 
0300145Principles of Environmental Science3 
0300146Fundamentals of Public Health3 
0300152Computer Skills30306001
0300161First Aid3 
0300171Introduction to Renewable Energy3 
Faculties OBLIGATORY Requirments 21 Hour
0601111Introduction to Law3 
0601112Civil Law / Sources of Obligations30601111
0601121Principles of Commercial Law30601111
0602131Public International Law3 
0602141Criminal Law / Genral Section3 
0602151Political Systems and Constitutional Law3 
0602161Administrative Law 130601111
0609999 0 
Department Obligatory Requirments 69 Hour
0601213Civil Law / Consequences of Obligations30601112
0601222Corporations and Bankruptcy30601121
0601291Legal Studies in English30601111
0601314Civil Law/ Nominated Contracts30601213
0601315Labor Law and Social Security30601112
0601323Commercial Papers and Banking Transactions30601213
0601327Insurance Contracts30601213
0601381Civil Procedures30601213
0601382Legislations the Electronic Commercial30601111
0601417Civil Law /Real Estate Law30601213
0601418Private International Law30601213
0601483Evidences and Excuation30601213
0601486Judicial Application30601381
0602171Public Finance and Tax Legislations30601111
0602232Law of International Organizations30602131
0602242Criminal Law / Crimes against Persons30602141
0602252Jordanian Constitutional System30602151
0602262Administrative Law 230602161
0602343Criminal Law/Crimes Against Properties30602141
0602344Crimes and Information Tecnology30602141
0602363Administrative Jurisprudence30602262
0602364Legislations of Electronic Management30602262
0602484Crime Procedures30602242,0602343
Department Elective Requirments 12 Hour
0601210History of Law30601111
0601211Principles of Legal Research Writing30601111
0601236Aviation and Marine Law30601121
0601310Special Subjects in Civil Law30601213
0601319Nationality and Allien Status30601111
0601384Arbitration and Atternative Solution for the Settlement30601121
0601426International Trade Law30601121
0601428Inteintellectual Property30601121
0602100Human Rights3 
0602132Ethics of Law30601111
0602210Crimes on State Security30602141
0602211International Criminal Law30602131
0602212Military Penal Law30602141
0602233Enviromental Law30601111
0602234International Human Law30602131
0602243Media Legislation30601111
0602333Law of the Sea30602131
0602446Islamic Criminal Legislation30602141
0602464Law of Local Administration30602161
Ancillary Requirments 12 Hour
0101111Introduction to Islamic Fiqh3 
0101115Introduction to the Principles of Fiqh3 
0101243Fiqh of Personal Status 13 
0101343Fiqh of Personal Status 23