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Vision, Mission & Objectives


To provide our graduates with the highest standards in patient oriented-pharmaceutical education and training


- To be prominent in pharmaceutical education, research and service
- To improve students' scientific, practical and social aspects


The objectives of this program include:

  • Deliver highly qualified and ethically proficient pharmacists to the local and international market
  • Improve the quality of health care sector in Jordan
  • Encouraging faculty members to perform creative research that meets the needs of the local pharmaceutical industry and the community
  • Expanding professional interaction with pharmacists and alumni by offering continuing education programs
  • Providing students with the scientific and research qualification that enable them to continue their higher education in any pharmacy-related field, the student prefers.

SWOT analysis:

Strength points:
  • The existence of a large agglomeration near the university that is not soon served with this specialty, where the nearest pharmacy college is located more than 50 kilometers from the region
  • Adoption of distinct study plan and international courses
  • The presence of outstanding teaching staff in various disciplines
  • The presence of scholarship programs to get master and PhD degrees
  • Outstanding support from the university administration by providing the college with everything needed
  • The existence of a distinct library that contains the best and recent resources including books, scientific journals and databases
  • The use of modern teaching aids and training the teaching staff on how to use it
  • Teamwork to raise the level of college entity to the highest level
  • Labs that are equipped with the latest educational setups and devices
  • Upgrading the faculty members to a higher rank through providing motivation.
  • Continued updating of medical laboratories and scientific instruments.
  • Support scientific research and publishing, and provide motivational awards.
Weak points:
  • Shortage in some subspecialties in the college
  • Shortage of buildings in relation to the steady increase in the number of students and teaching staff
  • Shortages in some educational and research services
  • Few faculty members of the population of the city of Zarqa
  • Raise salaries to attract qualified PhD
  • The presence of well equipped research laboratories in the college
  • Sending a number of master's campaign to leading universities for a PhD in rare specialties in college
  • Get support for research to purchase chemical reagents, equipments and devices
  • The number and quality of students admitted to college
  • The large number of graduates in public and private universities
  • Attract national and international universities for distinguished faculty staff
  • Low motivation of students for innovation and creativity
  • Local and global economic crisis and its impact on development
  • Instability of faculty members and continuous turnover
  • Deficiency in some specialties of faculty members