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Graduate Studies Committee
Committee Members:
  1. A. Dr. Mahmoud AlShaer (Head).
  2. Dr. AhlamAlkelani.
  3. Dr. LubnaAlswelmeen.
  4. A. Dr. Ahmad Alkofahi.
  5. Dr. ShereenAssaf.
  6. Dr. SamerAlaadwan.
  7. T. Hajar Abdu .
Committee Tasks:
  1. Developing a future plan for graduate programs in the field of pharmacy.
  2. Establishing an Internal evaluation of graduate programs to improve and develop the program.
  3. Receiving applicants for postgraduate studies and carry out admission procedures from the preparation of the test, the interview ... etc.
  4. Discussing and approving the initial conceptions of master's and doctorate thesis plans.
  5. Discussing all graduate student issues such as registration, adjournment and other issues.
  6. Disseminating of supervision of letters between faculty members according to predefined rules.
  7. Coordination with the supervisors of the scientific messages in the selection of members of the discussion committee.
  8. Coordination with the Committee of the tables regarding the distribution of graduate courses.
  9. Setting general controls and standards that take into consideration the quality of graduate programs.
  10. Proposing the principles of admission to graduate studies and implementing and supervising them.
  11. Recommending the approval of updated programs after their examination and coordination with existing programs.
  12. Recommending the approval of the graduate courses and the amendments or modifications to the programs.
  13. Developing the general framework of the research plan and the rules governing how the scientific message is written, printed, produced and presented, and the models of the reports of the discussion committee and the judgment of the message.
  14. Evaluating the graduate programs at the University on a regular basis by specialized committees or bodies within or outside the University.
  15. Following up the implementation of graduate and scientific research plans in colleges, and benefit from advanced experiments in other sites of the faculties of the University.
  16. Studying the initiatives of colleges to develop postgraduate and research studies.