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Students Affairs Committee
Committee Members:
  1. 1. Dr. Hamza Abu-Mansour (Head)
  2. Dr. EnasAlmazeri
  3. Dr. Mohammad Abu-Asab
  4. Dr. Dima Jabr
  5. Dr. Haneen Basheer
  6. T. Hajar Abdu
  7. T. Sahar Aledeili
  8. T. Shorouq Ibrahim
  9. T. Roa'a Alaqtash
Committee Tasks:
  1. Following-up students expected to graduate and coordinating to open courses to them or find alternative material.
  2. Establishing a club for the graduates of the Pharmacy Facultyand contact with them after graduation.
  3. Opening channels of communication with the graduates in their workplace and doing statistics about them.
  4. Guiding and following up students who are adventurous and new graduates.