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Quality and performance development and strategic planning
- Strategic Planning Committee
Committee Members:
  1. 1. Dr. AhlamAlkelani (Head)
  2. Dr. Mahmoud AlShaer
  3. Dr. LubnaAlswelmeen
  4. Dr. SamerAlaadwan
  5. Dr. Dima Jabr
  6. Dr. Dua'aAlkhaldi
- Quality and Performance Development Committee
Committee Members:
  1. Dr. Mohammad Abu-Asab (Head)
  2. Dr. Hamza Abu-Mansour
  3. Dr. Haneen Basheer
  4. Dr. Hamza Alhamad
  5. Dr. EnasAlmazeri
  6. Dr. FarisAlbahr
  7. Dr. Rana Abu-Teima
  8. Dr. Bna'a Abu-Sowan
  9. Dr. ShathaAlomari
  10. T. Shorouq Ibrahim
Committee Tasks:
  1. Following up the standards of quality control according to the standards approved by higher education and other institutions.
  2. Coordinating with faculty members and the faculty to ensure the application of quality standards.
  3. Applying quality application requirements.
  4. Evaluating the teachers, students, achievement, laboratories and facilities, examinations, teaching methods, scientific research, academic and scientific level, and finally, the work of the committees.