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Laboratory Committee
Committee Members:
  1. Dr. Mahmoud Alshaer
  2. Dr. Ahmad Theib
  3. Dr. Haneen Basheer
  4. T. Sahar Aledeili
  5. T. Hajar Abdu
  6. Laboratory Technicians
  7. T. Roa'a Alaqtash
Committee Tasks:
  1. Developing policy for practical training.
  2. Conducting and evaluating training sites.
  3. Following up and evaluating the training of students.
  4. Receiving the equipment, transferring it to the dedicated laboratory and making sure it is ready.
  5. Following-up requirements for accreditation and coordination with the Quality Committee.
  6. Maintaining the laboratory devices.
  7. Conducting public safety workshops for laboratory technicians and supervisors.