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Academic Guidance and Materials' Equivalence Committee
Committee Members:
  1. Dr. EnasAlmazeri (Head)
  2. Dr. Amal Hisham
  3. Dr. Dima Jabr
  4. Dr. Haneen Basheer
  5. T. Roa'a Alaqtash
  6. T. Hiba Ayash
  7. T. Hajar Abdu
  8. T. Shorouq Ibrahim
  9. T. Heneen Khalid
  10. T. Dua'a Farah
  11. T. ReemAlkalbani
  12. Lab Supervisors
  13. T. Sahar Aledeili
Committee Tasks:
  1. Following up the study plan for the pharmacy faculties in Jordanian and international universities.
  2. Developing the study plans in the faculty to achieve its objectives and the university's according to the criteria of accreditation and quality.
  3. Following up the course description and verifying the previous requirements.
  4. Matching the vocabulary of the required material with the equivalent of one of the courses included in the plan.
  5. Collecting the description of the material for the universities and faculties converted from the student in the archive for reference when needed.
  6. Retaining a copy of the equations in the file to be used for similar equations.
  7. Providing a schedule of guidance for students at the time of registration.
  8. Determining the academic guides for students according to their university numbers.