The College of Pharmacy holds many curricular and extracurricular activities annually, in order to develop students' skills, develop the pharmacy profession, and serve the patient and the community.

An example of such activities is that the faculty of pharmacy holds a free medical day annually in cooperation with the faculty of Nursing and a group of doctors working in the public and private medical sectors. The medical day is held in areas that need health care, in order to provide health care to them, provide health and psychological consultations and provide the necessary medical care. Students are allowed to participate in medical days in order to refine their personalities through contact with the local community and by working with other health sectors.

The college holds international and local pharmaceutical conferences that contribute to serving the patient and the community, developing students' skills, developing the pharmacy profession, and updating its policies and regulations.

The faculty of pharmacy holds activities outside the university and in public and private schools to check the safety of students and raise health awareness by giving lectures on how to maintain health.

Several courses are held within the faculty of pharmacy for the academic staff in order to advance the profession and improve the academic level.

The Faculty of Pharmacy Activities for the academic year 2020-2021
A. Clinical Training activities:

1. Holding the OSCE exam for students of pharmaceutical training course under the supervision of internal and external examiners from among the academic experts and fellow pharmacists
2. Holding a scientific poster day for students of the pharmaceutical training course.

B. Conferences and scientific publication activities:
  1. Publish a research entitled "Manufacture of medicines through 3D printing."
  2. The participation of Dr. Dima Jaber from the Department of Clinical Pharmacy in the Conference of the Faculty of Pharmacy at the University of Jordan.
  3. Publication of a book by Dr. Mahmoud El Shaer entitled "A look at cancer and its treatment: Cancer from a personal point of view."
  4. Holding a workshop entitled "Coexistence from COVID-19 and Precautionary Measures in Pharmaceutical Institutions."
  5. Holding a training workshop on how to examine Corona using modern technology to detect the virus.
  6. Publish a research entitled "Public Perceptions about Pharmacists' Role in Prescribing, Providing Education and Delivering Medications during COVID‐19 Pandemic Era".