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Excellence in representing an educational services, researches community, Localy, and internationally in the Architecture Engineering Fields.


Architectural department works in the university to prepare a distinctive students able to take the responsibility , project management into consideration (the Architectural Projects) and to be Experts ,Specialists in the fields that Related building design ,analysis ,Urban Planning ,and Urban design .

  • Introducing a Practical qualitative Education to students which they can graduate as a successful distinctive student in the practicing of the profession ,by providing an academics ,scientific atmosphere works on motivate the student, showing their scientific potentials , and encourage them to be special.
  • Graduate a ready technical students able to manage the engineering projects since the first day after graduate.
  • preparing the students and providing them with the scientific and research knowledge to Qualified them to complete their higher studies on a principles to any futuristic specialization .
  • Encouraging the student to make studies and an experimental researches as a part to complementary their studies .
  • Increasing and encouraging the interactive between the architectural engineering student s with the other different departments in the engineering technology .
  • Provide a space to the department students and their teachers to service and developed the university urban environment .
And the departments aims to Prepare students full complementary from the practical and academic terms , which the study plan contains :-
  • Basic science subjects which the student needs to study engineering.
  • Supportive advanced subjects to understand architecture engineering.
  • Specified subjects in mechanical and civil engineering related to architecture.
  • Practical field.