Head of the Architecture Department

Students at the Department of Architecture…Fellows and future engineers... I am pleased to welcome you to the website of the Architecture Department, which represents a qualitative addition to the Zarqa University, this distinguished academic institution. Architecture is one of the unique disciplines that combining science and art, as it concerns with the environmental, economic and social aspects of design on one hand, and with the artistic, aesthetic and creative aspects on the other. Architecture is defined as the science of designing buildings and their surroundings in a way that meets the physical and emotional needs of individuals, by using building materials and appropriate structural methods.

Architecture includes many fields that are required in the labor market locally and regionally, such as architectural design, city planning, urban design, landscape design, interior design, preparation of tender documents, project management, in addition to preparing architectural studies, which contributes to the diversity of job opportunities for graduates. In our department, we strive to work collaboratively with local, regional, and international partners to stimulate creativity in our students, which contributes to preparing a generation of architects who are scientifically and practically capable, and who are able to build a better future.

I wish all our students good luck and success at the Zarqa University.
Head of the Architecture Department Dr. Bushra Zalloom