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About the Bachelor of Architecture Engineering program

The minimum number of credit hours for the study plan for obtaining a bachelor's degree in the major is (167) credit hours including: • Specialized requirements (114) hours, including:

The mandatory requirements include (field practical training) where the duration of Practical training is 280 hours after the student completes at least (115) credit hours, and the student is devoted to training in one of the accredited institutions and under supervision, and takes the department Ensure that training achieves its intended purposes and link training accreditation to a number of matters, including: attendance, the extent to which the institution benefits from the student, the student's report and the institution's report. In addition to the graduation project (6) credit hours distributed over two consecutive semesters, provided that the student has completed the field training.
- Elective Requirements (9) Hours:
They are supportive materials for the specialization offered by Architecture Engineering department and other related majors and the credit hours for each are specified.