About the Department


The Department of Diet Therapy Technology & Dietetics is affiliated to the College of Allied Medical Sciences, which was established in 1997, and includes the following departments: the Department of Medical Analysis, the Department of Audiology and Applied Speech, as well as the Zarqa University Center for Hearing and Speech, in addition to many specialized educational laboratories equipped with the latest educational aids: Microbiology laboratory, physiology laboratory, clinical and biochemistry laboratory, and scientific research laboratories.


Diet Therapy Technology & Dietetics is a modern academic program that aims to provide students with advanced knowledge in the fields of food and nutrition, excellence in building the scientific and applied capabilities of the department's graduates, and highly rehabilitate them in order to assist community members in preventing and treating diseases, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The functional aspect of dieticians also includes education and counseling, in order to educate patients about how their diets (quantity and quality) affect their health and lifestyle.


Dietitians can also have a more exclusive specialization within their field, as nutritionists often specialize in children's diets, or patients with various eating disorders, or chronic diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, blood pressure, obesity, heart disease and others.


Accordingly, the fields of work for graduates are wide, as some clinical nutrition experts and nutritionists work in the management of food service departments in large institutions, such as hospitals, health care centers, schools, or correctional centers, where these specialists have to plan healthy and balanced meals that meet the needs of individuals and groups, within specific budgets.