Department Head


You came welcome and you it easy on the page of the Service Courses Coordination Unit. What we are proud of is that you are at Zarqa' University. This edifice, which peered at Zarqa City since 1994 to be a scientific edifice for all the governorates of Jordan, and everyone who is outside Jordan . In this university, at the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, the Service Courses Coordination Unit has been established for the academic and organizational supervision on the college's requirements for obtaining the first university degree, the bachelor's. Through this unit, the student gets a distinguished education through multi-lateral learning that simulates modernity on well-studied scientific foundations. Today, in light of the surrounding' variables, the Corona pandemic, the courses unit rises up by e-learning in conditions of the distance learning. And with efforts of the faculty members, the unit continues in the bid under sponsored of Zarqa University represented by Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.