Marketing Department overview:

One of the most complex problems faced by contemporary economic establishments are those relating to the delivery of products and finding appropriate markets; whether in the domestic market or foreign markets. As a response of this the university started the marketing department in the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, in the academic year 2000-2001, which has been affiliated by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, under the Accreditation Council resolution No. (405) dated 06/25/2003. The university is keen to respond to the requirements of the labor market, through the preparing qualified personnel, who contributes to the solution of problems faced by the economic establishments and improves their performance, to ensure the continuation, growth and development, and raise efficiency in providing of goods and services to customers, through the right quality and reasonable price. In the year of 2012/2013, the department started master program of marketing authorized by ministry of higher education.

Department Achievements:
The marketing department has made remarkable achievements since its establishment on scientific and practical levels.
  1. The Marketing Department provided highly qualified graduates to the local, regional and global market
  2. Training students in both public and private institutions
  3. Training employees of commercial banks, ministries, firms and of the instructions
  4. Publishing books, researches and articles in the field.
  5. Participating in international scientific conference , semibors and work shop
Laboratories and equipment:

The university has allocated to the department laboratories, each comprising computer hardware and ready-made software that allows students the possibility of training computer applications in their field of specialization.

The language:

The basic language of instruction in the section is Arabic, in addition to teaching some subjects in English, which has helped in the development of student abilities.

Areas of work for graduates:

It can be said that all economic establishments whether industrial, service, commercial, governmental or private are in need of specialists in the field of marketing, due to the problems faced by them in the marketing of their products (goods or services).where is the main problem is concerning the discharging products, as the scientific and technological progress in means of production has contributed significantly to the solution of these problems. On the other hand,the funding problems can be solved in different ways, and in a suitable time, in particular through borrowing from financial institutions, which in turn is linked to the ability of marketing their products. It does not deny the existence of problems in the field of non-Marketing activities such as production , finance and manpower ... etc, but all these problems can find appropriate solutions to. However the problems of marketing has impacted on the present facility and its future is very serious and may lead to failure if it is not resolved at the right time. Thus, various departments will tend to recruit these specialist in order to prevent the occurrence of these problems or provide a quick solution and fit in as they occur. As for the jobs that could be filled by a specialist in the field of marketing, among them are the following but not limited to:

  1. Director of sales, salesmen or sale in any industrial, commercial or service- institutions.
  2. Director of purchases or employees in the procurement management.
  3. Director of stores or storekeeper.
  4. Commercial director in the industrial, commercial and service enterprises.
  5. Import and export enterprises management regardless of the goods that are imported or exported.
  6. A successful businessman in various fields .
  7. Researchers in the field of marketing (market research, commodity research, consumer research, research services).
  8. Director of advertising agencies.
  9. Management of small and medium-sized businesses.

The vision of the department is to knowing the future indicators of the development of marketing necessary to accommodate this and keep up with the science that is characterized by the rapid development of the concept of activities and how to be able to respond to technological development and social quotient in society. Therefore, the vision represents the foundation for the strategic planning process and identifies strategies for the development of the marketing department and makes it more able to keep pace with progress in the science of marketing and the role it plays in the service of society.


The building of modern marketing encouraged shifting of thinking out of the box, so it has become the most prestigious universities and institutes adopted on the basis of the active role it plays in the process of evolution. The department’s goals is to "spread knowledge and awareness to the students of the importance of Marketing Science at the present time and its effects on economic, social, and cultural life of communities. And through the cadres preparations we are able to keep pace with progress in these societies and be able to adapt to changes in the marketing environment".

Department Goals:
  1. - Providing students with the knowledge and awareness needed to accommodate the Marketing Science and to keep up with its development at the present time in order to produce a dedicated staff that is aware of the origins of modern marketing.
  2. - Give the necessary knowledge to highlight the role played by marketing science in contemporary societies and on the economic, social, cultural, and technological levels.
  3. - Community service through the creation of specialized assets in the modern science of marketing staff.
  4. - Production and marketing service of process through these cadres capable of analysis and to identify needs and desires and try to meet them.
After finishing the course, the students have the following skills:
  1. Communication skills.
  2. Analytical skills.
  3. Diagnosis skills.
  4. Management skills.
  5. Interactive skills.
  6. Cognitive skills.
  7. - Technological skills.
Teaching staff:

The department includes a selection of management staff members of doctoral degrees in marketing and with long experience in the field of teaching and practices. The department is always trying to attract outstanding, experienced professors.