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Vision, Mission, and Objectives


Excellence in the provision of educational and research and community-based services at the local, regional and international level is to follow developments in the Islamic banking and financial science to keep pace with the development of civilization and the resolting from the emerging needs consistent with the controls and the Islamic legal legitimacy, taking advantage of all the science that can serve this specialty.


Preparation of human resources trained and qualified compatible with local, regional and international labor market needs in the field of Islamic finance and Islamic banks. And carry out applied scientific research for the development of the local community.


  1. To provide students with Islamic financial and banking knowledge to be able to deal with the financial and banking contemporary problems.
  2. To provide students the roles of Islamic law, this will help them in finding solutions to financial and banking problems
  3. Serving the local community through the creation of specialized in investments in various sectors with the adoption of the ethics of the profession according to Shariah