About the Program


Accounting Information Systems (AIS) is the one of pioneering programs in light of the technological development witnessed by the world, especially in the economic fields, as it seeks entrepreneurship and creativity by focusing on information technology applications in fields related to accounting.

This program stems from Zarqa University's vision pursued by aims of achieving its mission in the fields of scientific research and study programs by integrating information technology (IT) in all diverse fields of knowledge By preparing qualified academic cadres in accounting and auditing who are able to keep pace with the economic development to contribute side by side in securing what local, national and Arab institutions needs in terms of highly qualified human resources.

The graduates of AIS enter the labor market with high efficiency in many skills, include scientific knowledge, scientific research and information technology applications related to accounting.

The Accounting Information Systems supports its students by providing training courses, cultural exchange and participating in local and international student competitions that qualify them to apply for professional examinations to obtain professional certificates is related