Accreditation and Quality Assurance Committee

1. Follow-up the directives, plans, and programs of the Development and Quality Assurance Unit at the university level to improve and excel in the performance on the academic aspect regarding the members of the faculty and students, the academic programs, plans and curricula and whatever is related to this, and the aspect of scientific research to serve the scientific research process and the local community.
2. Communication and coordination with the various committees in the faculty to follow up on the implementation of plans and programs drawn.
3. Review the decisions and directions of the Committee for Development and Quality Assurance at the university level and study and make any suggestions to achieve the desired excellence.
4. Prepare the self-assessment report of the faculty and its departments and prepare to participate in excellence competitions at the local, Arab, and international levels.

Annual Plan Committee

• Developing an annual plan for the college that includes visualizing the academic and non-academic activities of the college for a full academic year, so that the plan includes details of each activity with an indication of the time and mechanisms of implementation.

Committee for preparing faculty handbooks

• Preparing the guide for the faculty and scientific departments on an annual basis.
• Conducting the update on it and producing it appropriately, in coordination with the Public Relations Department.

Committee of freshmen and warning men

• Looking into the files of new students and ensuring that the required documents are completed in coordination with the Admission and Registration Unit.
• Following up on warning students, directing them, and urging them to raise their rates and bypass warnings.

Creativity and Innovation Committee

• Stimulating creativity and innovation among students of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences.
• Discovering the talents and creative aspects of students.
• Nurturing creative and innovative ideas and qualifying them for a business incubator.
• Instructing faculty members to engage students with creative ideas.
• The development of creative ideas and their development among students.
• Holding awareness workshops to find out the areas of creativity and the source of creative ideas and innovative ideas for students and faculty members.

Equation Committee

1. Studying all requests for equation transferred from the Admissions and Registration Deanship of students who transfer from other universities or graduates from the society colleges and decides on the equation of materials within a maximum period of one month from the date of transferring the equation to the Faculty.
2. Implementation of legislations in force at the university according to the rules of the equation and bridging.
3. Access all instructions received from the Ministry of Higher Education regarding the equation of materials.

Exams and Timetables Committee

1. Prepare the study schedules in its preliminary form and present them to the Faculty Council for approval.
2. Discuss amendments to the proposed faculty schedules from the Admission and Registration Deanship for approval after making all necessary amendments thereto.
3. Prepare the schedules for the final examinations and supervision schedules of heads of scientific departments on the final exams.
4. Supervise and plan all that is related to the standardized examinations during the semester and prepare the schedules of the first, second, and final standardized exams for all common classes involved in the teaching of a particular subject.
5. Reserve halls for examinations in coordination with the Deanship of Admission and Registration to facilitate the process of finding halls for joint examinations.
6. Evaluate the level of examinations in general and their commitment to the pattern approved by the university (like the header and footer) as reported by the Development and Quality Assurance Unit.

Executive Plan Committee

• Follow-up to the extent of achieving the goals and implementation goals of the plan
• Follow up the implementation of the implementation plan.
• Preparing an annual report of what has been implemented.
• What are the new tasks.

Faculty Budget Preparation Committee

1. Determine the need of the faculty for teachers and administrators.
2. Remuneration for faculty members according to their jobs.
3. Rewards of cooperating schools as contained in the system of practical education program.
4. Expenditures necessary for the purchase of machines, equipments, and devices for the Learning Resources Center of the Faculty.

Faculty Site Committee

1. Prepare data and information about the faculty and its departments and faculty members.
2. Upload the important activities of the faculty on the site.
3. Announce future activities of the faculty, as well as the announcement of vacancies.
4. Upload the materials of the faculty on the site (in short) as an electronic material and assign the professors to write and prepare these materials.
5. Planning to link the site of the faculty with other sites.
6. Follow-up on updating the Arabic and English sites periodically and continuously.

Graduate Studies Committee

• Supervising graduate studies matters in the college.
• Study the proposals of the departments' committees for postgraduate studies.
• To propose a list consisting of three external members, for one of them to choose an external member in the discussion committee.
• The College Graduate Studies Committee sends a copy of the thesis to the Deanship of Graduate Studies within a period of no less than three weeks prior to the proposed date of discussion in order to send it to the external member of the discussion committee.
• Approval of the results of the academic subjects exams.
• The College Committee for Postgraduate Studies performs the tasks of the Department's Committee for Graduate Studies in the absence of it, hoping to form the aforementioned committee in accordance with the aforementioned instructions.

Graduation Committee

1. Preparing lists of graduates for previous years and send them to the Graduates' Office.
2. Follow up the affairs of graduates at the Faculty level, and document information related to them.
3. Communicate and coordinate with the Office of Career Guidance in the Deanship of Students' Affairs on all the services they can provide for graduates.
4. Hold meetings and courses for the prospective graduates to qualify them to fill the curriculum vitae and provide them with the skills of authorization and good performance in interviews, in addition to providing constant consultation.
5. Inform graduates via e-mail about the e-learning courses.
6. To carry out studies on the needs of the market and prepare a database that is updated and developed continuously.
7. Distribute the graduates' application form to graduate students, which was approved by the liaison officer of the Vocational and Career Guidance Center at the Deanship of Students' Affairs.
8. Follow-up the updating of information on graduates whenever possible.
9. Invite graduates to attend some of the celebrations of the Faculty and university after graduation.

Investigation Committee

1. Investigate and consider cases of students that may occur within the faculty or cases transferred from the Deanship of Students' Affairs or other faculties, and decide the penalties according to the instructions of disciplinary procedures for students No. (4) for the year 1994 and its amendments.
2. Care for the behavior of male and female students to be good examples for other students of the university, and evaluate the behavior that may deviate from the correct approach by guidance and advice.

Local Community Service Committee

• Strengthening partnership and cooperation relations with the relevant federations, unions and associations.
• Holding seminars, workshops, support and initiatives.
• Defining research priorities related to community service
• Participation in administrative, economic and accounting activities and activities.
• Encouraging the local community to participate in decision-making for study plans and extracurricular activities.

Material files follow-up committee

Tasks :
• Ensure that each department has prepared the material tree for the study plan.
• Check material plans.

Proficiency Examination Committee

Tasks :
• Supervision and follow-up of the competency exam in both parts, periodically and continuously.
Urging departments to prepare questions and hold competency workshops • Carry out a permanent and continuous evaluation of the weaknesses and strengths related to the Proficiency Exam results

Risk and Opportunity Management Committee

• Conducting a SWOT analysis.
• Evaluate risks and opportunities.
• Environmental situation analysis.
• Analyzing the competitive situation, financial and future challenges.

Scientific Committee

1. Organize the holding of various scientific and cultural activities at the faculty level, such as seminars, lectures, and workshops.
2. Monitor problems and modern scientific achievements, and hold meetings and courses among faculty members to introduce them.
3. Hold specialized meetings and seminars with students of specialized and modern scientific topics.
4. Assist the academic departments in the Faculty to hold, implement, and evaluate specialized scientific conferences and discuss the recommendations prepared by the participants in these conferences and seminars and submit them to the Faculty Council.
5. Activate the role of research committees in the faculty, encourage collective scientific research, request support for these researches, and work to publish them.
6. Follow-up students' researches and hold research competitions for students to motivate and prepare them to carry out scientific research in postgraduate studies.

Social Committee

1. Strengthening social ties between employees and follow up on social activities such as buying gifts on various occasions and others.
2. Calling for a meal at the beginning of each semester, and a group breakfast in the month of Ramadan.
3. Organize scientific and recreational trips.
4. Create an atmosphere of friendliness and harmony among the staff of the college to increase their affiliation and satisfaction with their careers.

Strategic Plan Committee

• Conducting a SWOT analysis.
• Review the vision and mission.
• Defining goals and strategic objectives.
• Determine the competitive position.
• Preparing the implementation plan.

Study Plans Committee

• Following up on the preparation of study plans for the scientific departments and supervising them
• Follow up on updates related to study plans and coordinate with admission and registration
• To benefit from the experiences of other universities in preparing study plans
• Executing study plans in an appropriate manner

The Library Committee

1. Continuous coordination with the library so that the library provides the Committee with lists of old and new books to classify and sort them according to the subjects and disciplines in the different departments in the faculty.
2. Follow up the purchases of the library and inform the specialists before buying it.
3. Follow up the requests of professors for references and new sources and submit these requests to the library to provide them.
4. Follow-up on the textbooks adopted in the public and private universities and compare them with the approved books in the faculties of Zarqa University to adopt the best of them as basic references in the curricula of the courses.