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Speech of the Head of Graphic Design Department

Graphic Design is considered one of the important fields of visual arts because of its great and vital impact in promoting artistic taste in society.
The Department of Graphic Design at the faculty of Arts and Design at Zarqa University is a combination of manual skills such as free drawing and photography on one hand, and the use of modern and advanced software related to the specialization on the other hand. This department aims at refining students' skills and preparing them for future jobs, as well as preparing academic programs that build creative and qualified graduates for the labor market and preparing distinguished students in the field of graphic design in all its technical and artistic aspects such as advertising, press, television, internet and multimedia ... etc.
These areas in which the students acquire sufficient skills will constitute a starting point for catching up with all the field developments locally and internationally. The department includes distinguished and experienced faculty members with expertise in the field of graphics and visual arts who enrich the department with their distinguished experiences.

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