About the Department


The department was established in 2013 by a decision of the university presidency, and aims to provide a suitable environment for the university student through his study of the university's compulsory and elective requirements, which are (27) study hours distributed as follows: (12) compulsory hours, and (15) elective from three fields: Humanities, Social Sciences, Science, Technology and Health.

The department provides university students with an integrated academic structure, including modern laboratories, qualified and experienced faculty members, and a rich library, to advance the university student, and it seeks to solve the problems that hinder the process of upgrading the needs of society for graduates with broad prospects in various fields of knowledge. The department has a plan to develop its performance and achieve quality, by considering university requirements and adjusting them according to the requirements of the times and the needs of society.

Duties of the Department:
  1. Placement tests for Arabic language and English language.
  2. Supervising placement tests for fresh students.
  3. Working on computerizing the exams, and establishing a data bank for each skill.
  4. Revising results and announcing them.
  5. Supervising the teaching of (99) subjects for both the Arabic language and the English language and determining the textbooks prescribed in cooperation with the scientific departments.
  6. Proposing the number of course required and following up on teaching materials.
  7. University compulsory courses.
  8. Establishing a mechanism for establishing a data bank (Databank) for the university's compulsory requirements (Arabic Language 1, English Language 1, Military Sciences, and National Education).
  9. Computerizing and standardizing exams.
  10. Supervising the coordination of teaching these course.
  11. Reviewing textbooks decided in cooperation with the concerned scientific departments
  12. Proposing registration packages for these materials for new students in cooperation with the Admission and Registration Unit and the concerned departments.
  13. Development of appropriate teaching methods for these materials.
  14. Supervising the coordination and teaching of the university's elective courses.